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Friday, March 17, 2006

Injuries, Injuries, Injuries

So another week and more strange injuries. Lee bruised his shoulder (damn WBC), but at least he will be fine in a few days. At least his was because of actual game action unlike the other injury we are now dealing with. Another year, another Prior injury. Not too shocking that he is hurt because well it is Prior. This might not be a freak thing though. He's out at least 10 days before he can throw again and after that who knows. He might tear his arm out of the socket or he might be perfectly fine. What is the deal with these guys?
It reminds me of a comment that Maddox made a few years ago on this topic. He said that when he started they were told to pitch through minor pain. He has always done that and never been seriously hurt. Wood and Prior on the other hand have been babied and are sent to the Dr. everytime that they feel any pain. I don't want anyone to end their career, but might some of this be in their head? If they feel pain they think injury. This cannot be good for their mechanics and they don't pitch the way they should. These "minor" setbacks put them on the shelf for months at a time because we don't want them to end their career. If we don't let them (or make them) pitch now their careers might be over already.


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