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A fan's account of the 2006 Cubs season.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Cubs Convention

I feel like a bad fan because I was not able to make it to the convention this weekend. I was lazy when tickets went on sale and didn't feel like buying tickets to the weekend from a broker. Something is wring when that happens. This is for fans, not for making money people. Enough of that goes on for game tickets. Leave this alone please. From the reports I guess not too many other people are happy wiht the off season moves. True we did not get Damon (Yankees over paid) or Furcal (now needs knee surgery before the season) but they are not that great anyway. I am not sure what people want. They got better. If (a big if) we do not get hurt this year we have a solid team. We have a shortstop and a centerfielder (unlike the much of 2005). We lost Burnitz to the O's and that is about it. We still have our pitchers despite attempts by others to trade for them. Pitching is better than hitting any day of the week. I wish I went to the convention, but it was just not worth the money. I will have to wait until April to see my beloved Cubs. At least then they will be in uniform and not in suits.


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