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A fan's account of the 2006 Cubs season.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Off Season Moves

So it looks like Hendry is probably done making moves until pitchers and catchers report in about 35 days. I am very pleased with the moves. Pierre is a great leadoff man with speed. We needed someone else who cans steal a base besides D. Lee. I've always been a fan of Jones and feel like he has been in Torii Hunter's shadow for too long. Right field in Wrigley is tough, but he has proven he can field and throw. He will miss the hefty bags from the Homerdome though. Signing Mabry and others will shore up the bench in case we get the injury bug again. The best move is getting Corey Patterson out of town. I was high on him a few years ago like everyone, but he went no where. Outsiders will claim we turned on him fast, but not the case. He has never done what he was supposed to and had a bad attitude about it. Maybe he will enjoy being in Baltimore, becuase he wasn't happy here any more. I am just waiting for Eric Patterson to produce something so the family name can be saved.
Of course I think that the Cubs will win it all, while at the same time know that they won't. That is the life of a Cubs fan so that is what I do.


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